Slope Protection

The use of coco fiber net and other coir-based erosion control products provides viable means in preventing soil erosion at a very low cost.

Riverbank Stabilization

The use of flexible concrete revetment such as interlocking blocks becomes an effective solution for immediate restoration and stabilization of unstable and eroded riverbanks

Riverbank Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation and partial restoration of some degraded rivers and waterways may be achieved through adaptation of river bioengineering which encompasses the establishment of vegetation along riverbanks

Flood Control

Earth dikes and other embankments built as flood structures along shoreline and riverbanks may be stabilized through the use of flexible interlocking block system with integral components that resist lateral displacement and cracking of the structure

Mine Slope Protection & Rehabilitation

Mining which involves the removal of top layers and vegetation on the soil may result to successive degradation and soil erosion and therefore require bioengineering to stabilize the slope