Location : Paco, Manila
Date Started :  September 2010
Status : September 2011


Estero de Paco is one of the main tributaries of Pasig River located in the City of Manila. The creek has a length of about 2.5 km. Along the creek is a public market that makes the area a bustling center of community and commerce. Market activities had triggered water pollution in the creek since most vendors are throwing their wastes in the estero. Likewise, informal settlers inhabiting along the creek discharge their wastewater in the creek which makes it further deteriorated. Estero de Paco was eventually devastated and polluted by the community around there.

In 2010, ABS-CBN Foundation and PRRC together with other local government agencies launched a drive to rehabilitate Estero de Paco. The rehabilitation involved a lot of activities including dredging, relocation of informal settlers to Laguna, construction of linear park, and the restoration of creek biodiversity by putting wetlands and vegetation along both sides of the creek. A 3-meter easement was constructed for linear park where people can walk and visit around. Surrounding communities were required not to drain their wastewater in the creek but to link their sewerage pipes instead on the installed main sewerage lines. These were made possible through the joint effort of government and private sectors to rehabilitate the creek.

Part of the rehabilitation activities was the establishment of vegetation and floating wetlands along the banks. Embankment was constructed along the edge of the creek for planting works. To prevent erosion, cocologs and coconets were used to cover the surface. Vetiver grass, heliconia, and other water grass were planted on embankment covered with erosion control materials. Likewise, floating wetlands with grass and aeration system were installed at selected sections to clean the water. These bioengineering works further contribute to the cleaning of estero aside from dredging and relocation works.

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