Location : Tarlac Province
Date Started :  June 10, 2019
Status : On-Going

Client : VTLC/China Harbour Eng. Co. Ltd. (Consortium)


New Clark City (NCC) is a proposed metropolis located 100km north of Metro Manila. NCC is designed as “back-up city” of Metro Manila where government offices can still function whenever this capital is succumbed to a natural disaster such as an earthquake. The planned community will be constructed at an area of approximately 9450 hectares in the towns of Capas and Bambans in Tarlac Province. The proposed project is being spearheaded by government owned and controlled Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA).

Part of the development is the construction of access roads and main roads to build linkage with other existing highways and roadways adjacent to the site. Pavements to be constructed in low lying areas require embankment to raise elevation above flood prone sections. Typically, bare embankment slopes need to be protected to prevent erosion. Otherwise, the whole embankment including the pavement will collapse due to severe scouring.

The client opted to adapt bioengineering to stabilize embankment slopes. Bioengineering through the use of erosion control nets enables the growth of grass seeds sprayed on slopes. Hydroseeding was the seeding method used to effectively apply seeds on slopes. Hydroseeding uses a slurry of seed and mulches and other binding agents such as tackifier to secure seed attachment on the surface.

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