Location : Calamba- Santo Tomas Segment
Date Started :  June 2010 
Status : September 2010

Client :
Makati Development Corporation

SLEX Toll Road 3 (TR3) Project is the extension of SLEX that aimed to construct a 4-lane roadway from Calamba, Laguna to Sto. Tomas, Batangas. The total length of the project is 7.6 km.

The construction of SLEX TR3 created cut and fill slopes along roadways since road alignments passed through hills and highlands present along selected sites. The removal of vegetation and trimming of road sections make these slopes vulnerable to erosion. The client realized the immediate requirement for revegetation to prevent scouring on the slope surface. 

The client, MDC, opted to use sodding to revegetate slopes. Carabao grass was planted and fixed on the surface using wooden stakes. Unluckily, unstable rooted grass had just been displaced and fallen down on the ground when heavy rainfalls came. Numerous scours were also found on the slopes since the surfaces were unprotected. It was then when the client sought our assistance to solve this problem.


Since our company, Coco Technologies Corporation, specializes in bioengineering, the issue on slope protection and revegetation problems were addressed. Sodding is not preferable on steep cut slopes. The use of coconet and hydroseeding technology is appropriate for this kind of revegetation work. 

Coconet provides immediate protection during rainfall while holding sprayed seeds on the slopes. Unlike sodding, grass seeds can be easily grown on the surface since the coconet holds its position while the seeds are still in their premature stage. 

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