The Beginning of JUBOKEN Enterprise

Juboken was established by Dr. Justino R. Arboleda in 1994 and since then has been one of the main pioneers and innovators of the Philippine Coconut Coir Industry. Juboken Enterprises – derived from the names of his wife, Julie, Dr. Bo and their son, Ken – which incidentally, according to Dr. Bo, is also a Japanese word meaning “important adventure.” Dr. Arboleda’s, or ‘Bo’s has spent a major portion of his professional life is in the academic community. He rose from the ranks to become Dean of the Bicol University College of Agriculture (BUCA) from ’87-’94. During this time, he headed several projects supported by local and international agencies. Later he transformed himself into an entrepreneur to prove that technologies developed in the University can be viable business ventures and are, therefore, bankable. Thus, he filed a leave of absence to organize a pilot coconut fiber factory. Its main product is a biodegradable geo-textile, a mat made from coconut husk fiber that is used as anti-soil erosion material.Juboken wholly owns Coco Technologies Corporation was formed in 1999, which is based in Manila. Under the brand name of Cocogreen®, Coco Tech developed a whole range of these coir and peat based products. Already Cocogreen® products are being delivered to Japan, Europe and the US and to the growing market of local buyers as well.Juboken is focused mainly on production, whereas CocoTech is focused on execution of various bio-engineering projects and marketing (both retail and export), notwithstanding the fact that Juboken does sell locally in the Bicol region occasionally.

"The backbone of the company’s success is the group of people working in the company,
including the hundreds of households supporting its activities."

Awards and Recognition

17th Golden Shell Awards: Excellence in Exports

Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards

Agora Awardee for Outstanding Achievement in Export Marketing